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 Advice & Strategy

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PostSubject: Advice & Strategy   Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:21 am

1. Build all money buildings.
If you haven't built them all, do it now. Otherwise you're missing out on easy income.

2. Buy Composite Factory (250 gold)
Click the plus sign next to the gold bar image. Click the bottom where it says, "tap to earn free gold". Use Tapjoy to download free apps and earn at least a few gold per day. I earned over 700 gold this way over the course of a few months. Composite factory is best because it ups your defense by 20% when upgraded to level 10. After you buy it I recommend saving gold for crate and LTQ events.

3. Boss Events
For the boss events, such as "Beat x Boss 35 times" you get 4 shots at him before he kills you. Each time the boss hits you he takes 25 health away and you have 100 health. The trick is to hit him 3 times so he brings you down to 25 health, then wait 1-2 minutes and take your 4th shot. He won't be able to kill you as you have just regained 1-2 health in that minute you waited. Now take your 5th shot. You have now hit the boss 5 times instead of 4 and it only took waiting 1 extra minute. Now set your alarm for 20 minutes. When you're able to attack the boss again, don't. Again, wait 1-2 extra minutes. Now you'll be able to get 2 hits on him again. With this process you'll be able to hit the boss a handful of extra times. Keep in mind that leveling up replenishes your health. When you've killed the boss as many times as possible plan to level when it gets impossible to kill him without a health replenishment. (Reminder, do valor missions to level up... regular missions and raiding aren't worth it)

4. Ally count of 498:
Drop your allies down to 498. By doing so you won't be a valor mission target. You'll be attacked less, making it easier to maintain units and stats. This will bring your unit count down from 2000 to 1992. An insignificant difference.

Note: Each level allows you to bring 5 allies and 20 units into battle. At level 100 you max out at 500 allies and 2000 units. Each ally brings 4 units into battle (2000/500=4).

5. Valor missions
For you lower level Falcons you have a great opportunity. There are a lot of valor missions ahead of you. If your stats are high and you want to level then do the valor missions. Attack weak players such as privates. You will have minimum losses this way. Save all the valor, don't immediately spend it. Higher level players miss out on this opportunity as they often lose a lot of units during their leveling. You can maximize valor hunting by not doing missions and only raiding when you find very high payouts. Here's a breakdown:
  • Sergeant:
    Completing this rank offers the "hardened marine". Do not buy this. It has low stats and is a waste. Save your valor.
  • Lieutenant:
    Wait until you complete the rank of Lieutenant and buy 200-400 Expert Attack Drones. With an attack level of 46 and defense of 30 for 500 valor, they offer a good attack increase per unit. I bought 330 after completion of this rank and restock whenever I get below that.
  • Captain:
    The captain rank offers the "elite ops helicopter" with 48 defense and 37 attack, a very good unit for increasing defense. The key is to save your valor and earn it with minimum losses.
    Quote :
    Here's an example of what I did at this rank: As I advanced from Captain to Major I gained the Elite ops helicopter unit. I had saved all my valor that I earned during my Captain rank and had 216,000 valor to spend. My stats were 60,600 attack and 73,400 defense. I bought 360 Elite ops helicopters and my stats increased to: 72,656 attack and 90,036 defense.
  • Major:
    Major rank offers the "Elite water cruiser" with 65 defense and 41 attack for 800 valor. This is a great unit. 65 defense goes far beyond any unit you can buy. I highly recommend saving all valor points while you level up for this.
  • Colonel:
    This rank offers shit. The "experimental soldier" for 1,000 valor is not a good deal. With an attack of 64 and a defense of 61 it is below the elite water cruiser for defense. Although it has a high attack, the next rank offers a better unit for attack. You're better off being patient and not using your valor for this. Those that are patient and wait for the next rank completion will gain a big advantage.
  • General:
    Offers the "Elite Siege Tank" with 82 attack/59 defense for 1,200 valor. This is a good unit to use your valor on. If you have saved valor from Colonel and General ranks you will be a beast.
  • Special Ops:
    Special Ops rank offers the "Elite Ops Jet Fighter" with 100 attack and 65 defense for 1,500 valor.

Mission Advice:
If you want to hunt for good drops here's some tips...
Level 115:
Hidden Missile Base: Destroy the command headquarters and receive a brigand lightning, the attack/defense is 99/80. The unit drops approx 85% of the time. It takes 2 hits of 344 energy.
Level 105:
Bom Bahia City: destroying the armored truck (6 hits/198 power) gives u a transport raider helicopter attack/defense is 283/180. 4x 161 energy. The only catch to this is after the first 3-4 the drop rate goes down to 20%

Uncommon Knowledge:
Most people don't know this. The stats that show in your profile when you view it yourself show your stats with boosts. Such as your units plus whatever boosts you receive from boost buildings and the faction. When other people view your stats they do not see the boosts added into it.
For example.. When people view my stats (as of February 10th, 2013) they see my attack and defense in the 60,000-70,000 range. When I view my own stats I see 73,816 attack and 93,043 defense.
When you view yourself on the members list in the faction you see your stats with boosts. When you view others you see their stats without the boosts. This is also true for your allies and rival lists.

Increments of 5:
Keep your units at increments of 5 or 10. This way when you lose a couple you know to replenish your numbers without having to check after each attack. I keep my best units at increments of 10 and let my lower units die off. For example I used to keep my Expert Attack Drone count at 330. Now that I have a higher rank I can let my drones die off.

Modern War Toolkit:
Available in the appstore for free. Has some useful functions for planning ahead. I like how it gives a break down of each money building and what it pay outs each level and the cost to upgrade as well as amount of time to upgrade. It has a few other interesting functions as well, check it out.

Resource Sheets:
These resource sheets give a breakdown of many different statistics such as missions, bosses, units, levels, buildings and expansions.
My favorite breakdown is the level and expansion in spreadsheet 2. I can estimate what level I'll be at when I reach my next rank of Colonel. And the expansion cost break down lets me know how much it will cost to expand my base a few more times in total.

Mission boss loot:
This provides a list of boss missions and their payouts. Very useful if you want to build up a reserve of cash, as Maddog said you can hit the bosses until only 1 hit left till you win. When you need the money, take the final hit on the bosses you chose and bam, you'll raise a ton of money depending on how many you planned for.

Low level advice:
For players with low stats I suggest buying 500+ military ambulances to up defense stats. They are inexpensive and have a low casualty rate. Next step is to buy the sea ship "mine launcher". It has a defense of 26 and a very low casualty rate. I have over 800. I encourage you to focus building defense so that you can raise money for your upgrades without losing it to attackers and raiders. Once you get into level 150+ you will face a lot of high stat players. Its better to stay low so you can go above vault limit and upgrade money buildings. If you are already over 150+ you can try dropping down to 498 allies in order to get attacked less. The key is to build your income by upgrading expensive money buildings.

Maxing Maps:
Maxing a map to level 5/5 will make the missions pay out more. After completing level 5 you gain a skill point. I recommend maxing at least the first 5 maps for easy skill points. If you farm bosses you might want to consider maxing the map for that boss.

Prestaging missions:
You can prepare for the next LTQ by doing missions ahead of time. For example hit bosses to 9/10 so it only takes 1 hit to win when the LTQ event rolls around. You can do this with all buildings/enemies in maps. Keep in mind which maps were used during the last few LTQs and hit those. Keep in mind doing missions results in leveling fast, which I advise against. Make sure to upgrade your unit buildings so you can complete future LTQ missions. Pay attention to which units were needed for previous prestige mode LTQs.

Final note:
Since Gree is adding 100 million dollar+ money buildings for events, it has never been more important to go beyond vault limit and have a high income. Do what you can now so you can get these buildings in the future. Build all the money buildings ASAP and upgrade your higher income buildings such as the nano factory.

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J (admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Advice & Strategy   Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:31 am

More info on units:
Here's a list of units by their casualty rate. The lower the number the less likely it is to lose it. By this list the Stealth Frigate has the lowest casualty rate and GIGN's have the highest.

Unit Name \ Stats \ Casualty rate

Stealth Frigate, 31/18, 0.00125
Elite Water Cruiser, 41/65, 0.0015
Super Hornet, 36/26, 0.0015
Elite Ops Jet Fighter, 100/65, 0.0018
Elite Siege Tank, 82/59, 0.002
Experimental Soldier, 64/61, 0.002
Elite Ops Helicopter, 37/48, 0.003
M270 MLRS, 17/37, 0.00375
Expert Attack Drone, 46/30, 0.004
Hardened Marine, 31/35, 0.004
GIGN, 22/29, 0.0075

What I learned at my rank is to not buy too many Expert Attack Drones or Elite Ops Helicopters. I will save most of my valor for the Elite Water Cruiser which I will unlock at the end of Major rank.
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J (admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Advice & Strategy   Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:13 pm

Mission boss intel added.
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J (admin)

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PostSubject: Re: Advice & Strategy   Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:46 pm

Added prestaging missions
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Advice & Strategy
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