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 2013 May event - Santa Marta Train Station LTQ: Awards

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PostSubject: 2013 May event - Santa Marta Train Station LTQ: Awards   Wed May 01, 2013 2:39 am

Santa Marta Train Station LTQ: Awards


Approx costs, hours, and projected units. There may be a variance.
No discounts or building time reductions applied.

L1: 35mil, 300k output: 24 hours: Santa Marta Defender (air, 250/392)
L2: 58mil, 600k output: 29 hours: Santa Marta Patrol (sea, 320/536)
L3: 97mil, 1050k output: 35 hours: Santa Marta Drone (air, 480/697)
L4: 162mil, 1650k output: 41 hours: Santa Marta Guard (infantry, 800/805)
L5: 271mil, 2400k output: 46 hours: Santa Marta APC (ground, 900/1240)
L6: 452mil, 3300k output: ??? hours: Santa Marta Attack Helicotper (air, 1300/1482)
L7: 754mil, 4350k output: ??? hours: Santa Marta Elite Guard (infantry, 1900/1631)
L8: 1257mil, 5550k output: ??? hours: Santa Marta Carrier (sea, 2200/2187)
L9: 2097mil, 6900 output: ??? hours: Santa Marta Battle Tank (ground, 2850/2500)
L10: 3500mil, 9mil output: ??? hours: Santa Marta Skyrunner (air, 6000/4700)
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2013 May event - Santa Marta Train Station LTQ: Awards
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